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Our country is very rich in terms of natural resources. Thermal waters also form a significant portion of these resources. Thermal and mineral springs occupy a large area in Turkey due to the dense presence of volcanic areas. These resources are good for many illnesses due to their physical and chemical qualities. Thermal waters, one is a well-known source of healing for centuries, have been converted into business organizations under the name of health tourism and have started to give service for people.

It is recommended as an alternative method for long term treatment of diseases such as rheumatic diseases, joint diseases, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes (diabetes), metabolic diseases, nervous diseases, skin diseases, gynecological diseases, kidney disorders and neurological diseases. Presenting the thermal resources in Kızılcahamam District of Ankara in the most useful way to its guests, Çam Thermal Hotel offers the health and comfort in the most modern way with its thermal pools the number of which is 7 in total. The thermal pools, which can be used indoors and outdoors in all seasons, are designed to provide the greatest utility in every sense. Çam Termal Hotel, which creates a difference with its 5-star service among thermal hotels, is also gaining the appreciation of its guests with its thermal pools. Interest towards thermal tourism shows increase day by day with the impact of rapid population growth, urbanization and intense work stress. The use of thermal water, which date back to old times, becomes a holiday concept demanded by people with today’s modern lines. The benefits of thermal waters are also pointed out in many earlier sources. Today, the benefits of thermal resources approved by specialist doctors and their their usage method are also explained.

SPA Wellness

The services offered by thermal hotels and facilities remain limited with traditional thermal water pools. Many visitors satisfy only their rest and thermal water use needs and finish their holidays in this way. But the thermal hotel concept means the use of thermal water in every sense. Ankara’s thermal hotel Çam Hotel offers a 5-star perspective related to the concept of a traditional thermal hotel.

Many different methods are used in these therapies called as Spa & Wellness. The common name of these therapies used for different treatment purposes such as hydrotherapy, balneotherapy, thalassotherapy and climatotherapy is Spa. Spa is an English term and means thermal spring (kaplıca) in our laungage. Being good for different diseases of thermal waters and natural resources for centuries and the determination of their treatment forms has led to the separation of these therapies into different branches. If we examine the therapies applied under Spa treatment; Hydrotherapy: In this method used as a whole body or locally, sitting bath, steam bath, digestive system treatment, hot / cold compress and ice applications are available. It is applied in cooperation with an expert. Balneotherapy: It is a treatment method widely used in spa centers through mineral and thermal waters. Natural factors such as gas are applied by methods such as thermal bath, drinking water and inhalation (breathing). Climatotherapy: It means the application of air exchange with a specific system. It is also called as climate treatment. It is applied through expert help. Thalassotherapy: It is the application form of climate therapy on a sea shore under medical control. All of the therapies mentioned above are collected under the name of Spa therapy. However, hydrotherapy and balneotherapy applications are offered as a service within Çam thermal hotel. In these two treatments, which are applied in the form of curing of thermal springs and thermal water with the help of an expert, alternative treatment methods are applied in accordance with age, gender and type of disease. Ankara’s Thermal Hotel Çam Hotel has allocated different sections in the thermal hotel for the use of hot springs and thermal springs in the most beneficial way and for comfort of its guests. The Spa and Wellness section is an area in which thermal water is used in different forms for treatment purposes and professional services are provided by specialists. Thermal cures determined by the needs of visitors are implemented by specialists. Ankara’s Thermal Hotel Çam Hotel meets the traditional Turkish hospitality with modern service and offers you health and well being with its expert staff and good-humoured team.
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Pain is a condition that affects the quality of life of an individual and must be brought under the control. The pain that can be seen at many points of the human body may be at a level to leave the individual in difficult situations both physically and psychologically. Even if there is a pharmacological solution for these pains, it may need to prefer the alternative methods in some cases. The most important non-pharmacological methods are massages and aromatherapy applications.

Massage and aromatherapy are the healing techniques that have been used long before the passage of human beings to the modern life. This method of treatment is an application that can be implemented by knowing the anatomical structure and effect points of the human body and that requires specialization. Massage can affect the release of muscle spasms, increasing blood circulation. It is a relaxing treatment method both physically and psychologically with the stimulation of the touching receptors found in the skin. Combining the massage therapy with the therapeutic properties of thermal waters, Çam Thermal Hotel offers many different massage methods in a specialist way. Massage services offered at Thermal Hotel; Classic Massage: It is applied to whole body or certain regions of the body. Accelerating blood flow, it allows the heart to pump blood in a regular way and enables to take the oxygen needed by the body. In this process, areas with muscle spasm are loosened and fatigue of body and stress of the individual is reduced. Aromatherapy Massage: It is applied by expert masseurs by using of oils obtained from rare plants. The aromatherapy massage, which uses different oil for each disease, is effective for many conditions from cleansing of toxins of human body to cellulite problems. Volcanic Stone Massage: It is a massage method applied with the use of heated or cooled stones obtained from basalt, in other words volcanic regions. Basalts are able to give the heat to the human body for longer than a normal stone due to their ability to retain the heat for a long time. This enables the body to take more oxygen.Stone massage applied by a method and specialist has a supporting and healing effect with thermal water and thermal therapies. Local Massage: It is a massage method that specialist masseurs apply as much as they need to discomfort region. Japanese Facial Massage: This type of massage with anti-aging feature is applied exclusively to the face region. It helps the skin for cell renewal and relieves the fatigue and therefore it is possible to have a younger appearance thanks to this massage. Anti-Stress Massage: Many discomforts arise depending on stress. One of the effective methods to be applied to reduce the stress level is massage. Anti Stress massage, which is one of the special services for guests of Çam Thermal Hotel, is realized by intervention of the special masseurs to receptors on the skin surface. These receptors, also known as acupuncture points, affect the blood circulation and stress level in the body. Reflexology Massage: Important receptors of the body are available on feet. When these receptors are correctly intervened by expert techniques, it is possible for blood circulation and nervous system to work properly. This massage applied by reflexology specialists is used as an alternative treatment method for many discomforts. Chocolate Massage: It is a type of massage applied with pure black chocolate. Refreshing of the skin, accelerating of blood circulation and relaxing of the skin by taking vitamins needed by human body thanks to its cocoa extract is provided through this massage. The chocolate massage applied on mature skin has a moisturizing effect. Foam Massage: Foam obtained from natural soaps is applied on all body. Foam is a type of massage that allows the body to relax and breathe and enables the individual to relax in general. Tropical Massage: A type of massage applied with a mixture of oils obtained from tropical plants. Tropical massage, one of the far eastern treatment methods, provides the psychological relief of the individual by refreshing the skin. Çam Hotel, which is more than a thermal hotel, offers unlimited services as a 5-star address of health tourism.


Sauna is a hot air bath cooled by air and water. Basically the contrasts in nature are used for human body. The struggle exhibited by the body during the hot and cold air passages in the nature is arranged in a sense in a sauna. In this way the body can gain resistance against the struggle between the two passages.The sauna, which is more common in the northern countries due to climatic reasons, is one of the therapies applied by hot springs and thermal resorts in our country.

Saunas help the body to eliminate the problems such as stress, toxins and fatigue that the body accumulates in routine life. It enables the body to be renewed itself by heat transitions and water help. The temperature helps to relieve the disorders in the blood. It is effective in the elimination of common cold and microbial diseases from body. Toxins are eliminated from the body that sweats excessively during the sauna and thus the blood is cleansed. In general, the sauna is an alternative treatment method that allows the body to gain resistance against diseases. Çam Hotel, which is a remarkable destination with its 5-star service among the thermal hotels of Ankara, considers the physical and spiritual health of its guests with its sauna service. It continues to offer unlimited service to its guests staying in the hotel with its private sauna rooms and equipments. Çam Hotel, which is more than a thermal hotel, offers you a healthy holiday opportunity in every season.

  • Saunas for Males and Females
  • Also there are King Suits.

Turkish Bath

Çam Thermal Hotel has combined our traditional heritage with the healing effect of thermal water and carried a step forward the quality of Turkish bath. With the settlement of Turks in Anatolia, the use of natural resources has also been shaped according to Turkish culture and values. The cleanliness developed with the Turkish – Islam understanding has created a culture by combining with the beauties and natural resources of Anatolia. Thermal water resources in many regions of Anatolia were used for purposes such as healing and cleaning in the Roman period. The baths from the Roman period have been redesigned with the Turkish – Islamic culture and become a source of cleanliness and healing. The designs of the Turkish baths, which started with the Seljuk period, have maintained their existence until today. While Çam Termal Hotel offers the natural resources for its guests, it also has tried to reflect the traditions of Muslim Turkish architecture. Çam Termal Hotel has prepared a perfect environment by evaluating the Turkish Bath tradition in terms of hygiene, comfort and functionality. As well as there are separate bath areas for men and women, special bathrooms designed for families take the comfort of the guests into consideration. Apart from the Turkish Bath; VIP, Thermal Jacuzzi and Thermal Pool options also emphasize on the luxury service mentality in every sense .

Çam Hotel Thermal Water

Ankara Kızılcahamam is the richest region of the country in terms of thermal resources. These thermal springs, which are brought into use through thermal facilities around Soguksu National Park, differ from hot springs and thermal facilities throughout the country. The thermal waters obtained in the region where the geothermal potential is seen intensively are also included in the hot water group containing fluoride with sodium bicarbonate, boron and fluoride. The thermal water resources supplied from the region have different characteristics such as hard water, thermal water and soda (mineral water). Having been developed in order to serve to the health tourism, Soğuksu National Park is a rich region with its natural beauties and geothermal resources. It is also possible to benefit from the thermal waters in this region, which the experts recommend for climatism, that is, for climate treatment.

Kızılcahamam thermal water constitute the richest geothermal resource of the region in terms of minerals. This also emphasizes on the diversity functionally as well as the benefits obtained from normal thermal sources. It is an adopted fact for many centuries that thermal resources are good for many illnesses and treate them. Thermal waters recommended by many experts as an alternative treatment method are also very effective together with therapies applied under the supervision of an expert. If we would like to count the known benefits of thermal waters; they have antienflamatuar effect thanks to temperature level and minerals that it contains. Positive results have been obtained in people suffering from pain because of situations such as rheumatism, inflammation and edema or muscle spasm. It is an alternative treatment method for diseases such as osteoporosis, arthritis and similar bone diseases that can be seen in individuals aged 50 and above. It accelerates the production of intraarticular fluid by stimulating bone cell activities. Since it accelerates the vascular development, it leads to the acceleration of blood circulation and enables the body to receive the necessary oxygen. (It should be used under the supervision of an expert by persons who do not have a problem with blood pressure). It helps the body to release disease-causing substances called as toxins by means of benefitting from the effect of the minerals that are available in it. It is recommended as an alternative treatment method for many illnesses seen in women. It also allows the body to gain resistance against possible discomforts. A remarkable healing is observed in some skin disorders (with specialist advice) thanks to applied cures. (Different natural sources are recommended for important skin diseases). The healing property of water helps the individuals to rest both mentally and physical and to renew their bodies. Providing the use of thermal waters in the most comfortable way, Ankara’s Thermal Hotel Çam Hotel enables guests to have a 5-star holiday in all respects. With the benefits of thermal water and the visible relaxing effect, you can return to your routine life in a healthier and refurbished way.