Rules and Conditions

** Check In is at 14:00 – Check Out is at 12:00.
** Any additional spending outside the defined concept will be collected from the guest.
** All guests are required to produce a photo ID at check-in. Those without an ID will not be accepted into the hotel.
** A marriage certificate is required for couples.
** No photograph machine, camera-phones, or any other electronic devices with a video/photograph taking capability are allowed into the lady’s section of the Spa.

** No alcohol is served at our hotel. It is prohibited to bring alcoholic drinks to the hotel from outside.
** 1 free 0.5 L water is given free of charge each day per accommodating person. The other food and drinks in the mini bar are charged as extra. There is a one-off free tea / coffee given in mini bars.

** Spa centre and indoor pools are open for use from 09:00 to 22:00. No boys over 6 are allowed into the Lady’s Spa.

** Bonnet is required at hotel swimming pools.

Guests checking-in need to produce their photo-ID (including children).

In case you need to check-out earlier than expected for any reason, you can get a refund for the remaining days or you stay as long in another time in the future.

No pets are allowed into the hotel.
Cancellation and Refund Conditions
The customer will stay between the dates mentioned above. If the customer wishes to extend the stay, it can be extended after making the payment.

Unless otherwise stated, it is forbidden to bring smelly, flowing, flammable or explosive items, sharp objects, firearms and all kinds of animals into the facilities.

CAM HOTEL is not responsible for theft, loss and damage that may occur during accommodation in the facilities.

Reservation price includes all services specified separately in the reservation. Unspecified services and extra products and services to be purchased at the hotel are subject to an extra fee.
The customer agrees to pay 100% of the reservation amount in advance.
Unless the customer indicates in writing 15 days in advance, the accommodation conditions written in this reservation agreement are valid.

If necessary, CAM HOTEL may partially or completely change or cancel the hotel reservation announced or registered, up to 14 days before the start date, provided that the consumer is informed. If the customer does not accept these changes or the cancellation process, he has the right to cancel the reservation and receive a full refund of the price paid. In this case, the customer is not entitled to compensation. If the payment is made by credit card, the credit card commission is deducted from the customer's return amount and returned to the credit card.

If the customer requests cancellation of the reservation until 3 days before the start of the reservation date, except for the cases where he or his first-degree relatives document their 10-day illness and death with an official report from a full-fledged state hospital, he accepts and undertakes to pay not less than 35% of the accommodation price, to be determined by CAM HOTEL, and to pay the entire accommodation fee less than 3 days before. In special cases (death of relatives, health-related conditions) where payments made by credit card, the remaining payment amount after deducting the transaction fee (10% of the payment) for cancellations made up to 24 hours before in normal periods (weekdays or weekends), in special periods (Christmas, New Year's Day, Holiday, semester) cancellations up to 72 hours, the remaining amount of the payment after deduction of the processing fee (10% of the payment) can be refunded. In this regard, the parties accept the TURSAB legislation and the International NO-SHOW rules. 

In payments made by bank transfer, whole of the fee will be refunded until 24-hours in ordinary days, and until 72-hours before special days.

The customer can transfer the hotel reservation he has made to any person he wants until 15 days before the start of the accommodation date. The transferee is jointly and severally liable with the transferor for the balance and the costs incurred due to the transfer.

CAM HOTEL cannot be held responsible in cases such as natural events, social events, international relations, technical failures, strikes and protests that may occur between, at the beginning or before the hotel reservation dates specified in the contract, and in cases arising from events such as incomplete or non-operational service of the hotel.

Reservation contract is exclusively related to the hotel reservation. Upon receiving the final reservation request and getting this contract signed by the customer, CAM HOTEL shall establish the final reservation of the customer at the anticipated facility and thus will fulfil its contractual obligation. Once the final reservation has been completed by CAM HOTEL, the hotel shall have no responsibility in any issues arising from the facility or customer during the reservation. In the presence of such a problem, the customer accepts and undertakes that he will only apply to the accommodation facility operator regarding the changes or deficiencies that may arise in the accommodation, and that he will not make any demands from CAM HOTEL.

If the customer complains about any situation during his stay, he agrees not to demand any compensation or refund if he uses the service partially or to the end.

In case the customer complains about the services received during the hotel reservation and asks to leave, he is obliged to notify the hotel and CAM HOTEL about the issue in writing. In case CAM HOTEL can get a refund from the hotel, with regards to the payment made by the customer for reservation, this refund will be transferred to the customer.

The scope of coverage for deficient or defective performance, damage and loss of consumers who purchase travel insurance service is determined by the policy of the insurance company that provides this service. CAM HOTEL does not bear any responsibility for the content, scope or application of these guarantees.

The customer undertakes to read and sign this contract after receiving all kinds of information about the hotel signed with this hotel reservation and mentioned in the contract, and cannot hold CAM HOTEL responsible for the complaints that may arise due to the lack of service received at the hotel and the defective goods.

In cases where the customer has received this hotel reservation contract by mail order, virtual pos, money order or eft and could not sign it for any reason, he has learned the terms of this contract, which will be valid between the parties, through the catalog, website or advertisements, and this hotel reservation contract has been signed in the above written conditions and makes a commitment.

If there is a conflict between the copy of the contract that remains with the consumer and the copy left in CAM HOTEL, the records of the copy remaining in CAM HOTEL will be taken as basis. All kinds of e-mail, fax messages between the parties will be considered as conclusive evidence and company records will be the basis. The parties have accepted that the addresses and telephones they have notified have addresses and telephones for all kinds of communication and notification, and they accept and declare that all kinds of notifications and notifications to be made to the notified addresses and telephones will be made to them, unless a written notification of any change in these addresses and telephones is made to the other party.

For the settlement of disputes arising from the contract, the parties have jointly determined and accepted their authority, and they agree that no application will be made to the arbitration committees for consumer problems and consumer courts, and that the issue will be resolved through arbitration in the first place. İzmir Courts and enforcement offices are authorized for lawsuits and enforcement proceedings to be filed regarding arbitration decisions and the settlement of other objections.