Ladin Ball Room

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Ladin Ball Room

The secret of a successful meeting is hidden in a successful organization.

Çam Termal Hotel is the address of 5-star service with its all departments and service areas. Laden Ballroom, one of the halls specially designed for congresses and meetings by the thermal plant, is one of the most remarkable areas with capacity of 1000 seats as well as offerings given according to the contents of the organized meeting and all the organizational equipments. It ensures that successful presentations, elegant invitations and long-term congresses are organized in the most efficient way. In this ball room in which all domestic and foreign organizations can realize with the understanding of service in international standards, the quality and the perfect service are taken as the basis.

Ladin Ball Room with its conference system and column-free structure is an ideal place for international organizations.

Size (width / height) 23,00 m x 28,00 m
Height 5,75 m
Area 644 m2
Class 550 person
Cocktail 1000 person
U layout 120 person
Shoulder 500 person
Theater 700 person
Cocktail 600 person