Ardıç Meting Hall

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Ardıç Meting Hall

You will feel yourself privileged with the special design and perfect service of Ardıç Meeting Hall.

With its capacity of 85 seats, spacious environment and unlimited services, Ardıç Meeting Hall is one of the departments that will make feel more privileged your company and you. As well as more special meetings are organized, many special organizations from presentations to dealer agreements and from international introductions to meetings of Board of Directors can be carried out.

Ardıç Meeting Hall with a column-free structure is one of our ideal halls for international organization meetings.

Size (width / height) 4,80 m x 13,10 m
Height 2,60 m
Area 62,88 m2
Class 40 person
Cocktail 85 person
U layout 40 person
Shoulder 40 person
Theater 70 person