Human Resources

Oğultürk Construction Company conveyed its innovative vision in the construction industry to the human resources department as well.

The most important part of this policy is to create an inspiring, disciplined and comfortable workplace. Another important part of our policy is to reinforce our corporate entrepreneurship with employees who internalize work ethic and our corporate culture in the lead of our strong and dynamic management group.

The basic motto of our recruitment process is to employ the right person for the right job.

It is extremely important for our human resources department to make sure that our new starters complete their induction program in the fastest and most effective way possible and to promote teamwork within the work environment.

The application process starts once a candidate sends their CV to Oğultürk Construction Company or any branch of Oğultürk Company. All applications are evaluated by our human resources department. The eligible candidates will be informed in case of vacancy and interviews will be organized accordingly. All applications are assessed maintaining confidentiality.

Human Resources Form