What is Thermal Water? What are the Benefits?

What is Thermal Water? What are the Benefits?

What is Thermal Water? What are the Benefits?

Probably, many of us heard about thermal water and its benefits. Thermal waters, which provide minerals as a source of healing, are good for many diseases and reduce the effects of ailments. In that sense, what is thermal water, and what are its benefits?

Since thermal water is abundant in minerals, it can be used for many reasons such as for complementary medicine or as a beauty tool. Due to its benefits and rich content, thermal water is a favored source of tourism which is called “thermal tourism”.

Turkey has great thermal water sources because of its geographical location. There are many areas where you can make use of thermal water. One of the best thermals is found in Kızılcahamam in Ankara. 

In this way, Çam Hotel one of the best thermal hotels located in Turkey offers you a peaceful environment as well as provides healing with its ingredients. Also, you can enjoy both nature and high-quality thermal water together. 

After all, it would be better to look at the details of thermal water and understand what it is and what its benefits are. So, what is thermal water as comprehensively?  

What is Thermal Water?

Hot spring located in forest

First of all, it is possible to mix the terms that are hot spring and thermal water. Although they refer to the same thing, in essence, a hot spring is where thermal water comes to the ground. In other words, hot springs are the universal name of the facilities where thermal waters come.

Thermal water refers to hot springs coming from the Earth’s crust. Therefore, thermal as a word is related to heat and high temperature. Indeed, the temperature of thermal water varies between 68 and 230 °F.

The heat value of thermal water is such a crucial detail that allows minerals to get solved in water. Indeed, heat provides minerals to mix with thermal water. Thus, thermal water has healing effects on human health with its powerful heat value.

Thermal water that reaches the Earth's surface from the depths has taken hundreds of years for it to arrive at the ground. During its journey, the water carries minerals and other beneficial ingredients together, which makes it quite valuable for human health.

What are the Benefits of Thermal Water?

Thermal water pool in hotel with lounge stairs

The benefits of each thermal water vary from where it is located since the minerals can differ by region. There are classifications of thermal water according to its contents. Thermal waters are generally sorted by the sulfur, salt, and sodium chloride amount they contain. 

Apart from these differences, there are also common features all thermal waters have. From skincare to the digestive system, thermal water has quite important utilities for people. If you are ready, let’s take a look at what these features are together. 

1. Help to Boost Blood Circulation

Thermal water contains lots of diverse minerals, including calcium and sodium bicarbonate. 
These minerals are absorbed by the body while in the water increasing the hydrostatic pressure. During this process, oxygen flow and blood circulation rise. In this way, the human body gets healthier as well as stronger.

This increased blood circulation is essential for the regeneration of the body process. Also, it can combat the problems such as skin diseases, cellulite, or varicose. 

2. Help to Hydrate Skin

One of the best things for the skin is water. Especially, thermal water helps to nourish the skin with its ingredients. It prevents skin dryness and cracking by moisturizing. Thermal water protects the health of the skin thanks to the high minerals it has. In addition, thermal water is an important treatment tool for many skin diseases with its salty and iodic water.

3. May Reduce Depression and Stress Level

Thermal water mini pool and fruits

Thermal water can relieve the stress level by relaxing muscles. It can make it easier to sleep as it relaxes the body. Also, thermal water is good for psychological health because of the minerals in it. Research published in 2015 proves the positive impact of thermal water together with its treatment methods on distress.

4. Help to Prevent Respiratory Diseases

Thermal water has benefits for the treatment of various diseases related to the respiratory system such as asthma, chronic bronchitis, and allergic disease of the respiratory tract. Actually, due to iodine, sulfur, and carbon dioxide which thermal water has, there are effective components for respiratory diseases. 

5. May Treat Orthopedic Disorders and Rheumatism

Thermal water treatment may have a crucial impact on orthopedic disorders with the effect of the minerals it has. It can be used for therapeutic applications of inflammatory rheumatic diseases. Thermal water therapy can help to relieve pain together with improving physical functions. 

6. May Prevent from Kidney Diseases 

Thermal water is an effective treatment method for getting rid of kidney stones because of sulfates which is good for many kidney ailments. The detoxifying effect of thermal water helps to clean the kidneys by reducing albumin in the urine. People with kidney inflammation can also easily benefit from supportive treatments applied with thermal water.

7. Help to Minimize Gynecological Problems

Woman enjoying thermal water while drinking

Thermal water is very effective for gynecological diseases to be healed. It is known that thermal water, also regulates the menstrual cycle. Thermal water, which is good for premenstrual syndrome and menstrual pain, is a great way for uterine diseases. 

On the other hand, it is not recommended to use thermal water during menstruation or just before and after. Moreover, it is important that to consult a doctor before using thermal water, especially for women with serious gynecological diseases.

It is easier to answer now: What is thermal water? Through this blog, we are tried to explain what thermal water is and its benefits. We hope that you learn what you are looking for.

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