The First-Timer's Guide to Turkish Baths

The First-Timer's Guide to Turkish Baths

The First-Timer's Guide to Turkish Baths

Many people, especially first-timers, are curious about what happens in a Turkish bath and what to expect there. Has an important place in Turkish culture; a Turkish bath is a great way to refresh and heal. But, what is a Turkish bath, and what happens in a Turkish bath?

Turkish baths or Turkish hammams have been around since the 14th century when the Ottoman Empire began to expand. The original Turkish baths were variations of Roman baths, but they evolved as the Ottomans added their cultural twists. 

In fact, the baths were once a central part of city life. Due to their communal design and importance in social gatherings, these baths were often found close to mosques in the center of towns and cities. 

Despite the varying modern interpretations of Turkish baths, they remain true to their Ottoman roots in providing both relaxation and cleaning. Although some Turkish baths admit both genders at different times of the day, others are segregated by gender. Yet, Turkish baths are almost the same everywhere. So, what happens in a Turkish bath?

What Happens in a Turkish Bath?

essential things for a turkish bath hammam

As one of the SPA treatments, Turkish baths are something every person should do at least once. However, for a first-timer, you don’t know what to expect in a Turkish bath. 

Thus, we will ensure that you know to prepare for a Turkish hammam experience in this guide. That’s why we have put together all the information you need to be ready for this extraordinary experience!

Here is what happens in a Turkish bath step by step!

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Step 1: Undressing

a man in a turkish bath

You should know that if you experience a Turkish bath, you should undress but not everything! Even though it is an optional choice, you can undress the top whether you are a man or a woman. But, of course, in Turkish baths, these two (men and women) are separated into different hammams. 

Step 2: Relax and Sweat

A Turkish statement, “hamama giren terler!” is “whoever goes into a hammam sweat!”. It means that anyone who takes work must take the expenses together. So, you should be ready to sweat in a hammam!

Indeed, it is better to prepare yourself to sweat than ever before. Because Turkish hammams’ temperature ranges from 30 to 55 degrees Celsius, even though it is not as high as you think, there is a high humidity that can reach about %100, which leads you to sweat. Therefore, sweating in a Turkish bath is a body response that helps eliminate toxins in the body. 

Step 3: Get Scrub

a man get scrub in a turkish bath hammam

The scrub is the most authentic part of a Turkish bath. After 15 to 20 minutes, your skin will be softened and ready for a scrub. For that, a masseur (tellak) will scrub you with a kese, a Turkish bath cloth made of silk, which peels the dead skin. 

In this step, you will lay down on a specific stone, and the masseur will scrub your body for 10 minutes. While some people say it is a painful experience, in fact, it is not. Yet, you should tell the masseur if you have some physical problems.

Step 4: Clean Yourself

After you scrub, it is better to clean yourself with cold water. This means you can use soap and bath puff to wash. Since Turkish baths have been used primarily for cleansing, this step is essential for the best experience. 

Step 5: Get a Massage

a woman getting massage and clean in turkish bath

The last step of a Turkish bath is getting a massage. Although the massage service is optional, we recommend getting a massage, especially with aromatic oils. Because it will give you relaxation and make you feel better in any way; thus, you should get a massage.

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