About Çam Thermal Otel

Çam Thermal Resort & Spa Convention Center provides you have an unforgettable experience while accomodating there, with perfect service satisfaction. Çam Thermal Resort & Spa Convention Center makes you feel as comfortable as at home during your stays by offering comfort in every sense. Çam Hotel enriches your stays with many activities and helps you to leave with pleasant memories.

Being a part of the Oğultürk Group, Çam Thermal Resort & Spa Convention Center started to offer services in December 2014. It is the only holiday resort in the Central Anatolia region. The hotel has 256 rooms where is located in Ankara Kızılcahamam Soğuksu National Park; offering quality and perfect service. It appeals from the small to the large families with its family-oriented service and lots of activities. While you are relaxing among the centuries-old pine forests, you will pamper yourself with a great level of oxygen. In this way, you will peacefully start your day. In terms of meals, you will enjoy the Turkish foods and beverages made by professional chefs.

You can have a healthy time with 8 different pools including swimming pools and thermal pools. Also, you can take a small break from everything with the massage options by expert masseurs. You can organize successful meetings at the meeting rooms offered by Çam Hotel and create harmony in your organization. Since there are many activities such as ATV, jeep safari, bicycle track, zipline, and mountain climbing in AdventurePark, children will not want to back from their vacation!